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Realtors® Want to Join Living in Florida


Living in Florida is a new real estate search portal dedicated to the state of Florida. For the public we will be a statewide resource for real estate and all things Florida, including video’s, travel, city and school information, articles, stories and pictures and real estate news.

Our Goal Is To Become “The Authority” on Florida In Googles Eyes

For Realtors and Brokers we offer exclusive area’s at Living In Florida for you to generate and close leads from the traffic we drive to our site. You will have your own web pages at “living in Florida” along with your IDX feed. Our home page will have a state map that home buyers and sellers can click on and go to your page where they can search for real estate, met you and read your blogs. We do not sell leads to more that one agent like the larger websites. They are exclusively yours. The areas will be by county/MLS system. Some of the larger counties will be divided into two or 3 section depending on size. Some of the smaller counties will be group together. By partnering with your mortgage broker, title company and others you can keep your costs for this site very low.

Paid Advertising

We will drive traffic to our site with paid advertising through pay per clicks, ads on the internet and social media. This will bring consistent traffic to all of us. The ads will be on the internet and social sites. We will be spending up to $15,000 to $25,000 a month on internet advertising.

Social Media and Blogging

This will be a very powerful tool for us. Each of us will be posting 4 times a week to around a dozen social sites. This is where our organic growth will come from. 56 agents posting 4 times a week. This is how we become the Authority on Florida and drive free organic traffic to our site.

Back End Secret Sauce

Our web site will be optimized perfectly with meta tags, backlinks & keywords. Your blogging will be tied to that perfectly. Great SEO or search engine optimization is where we will have our web site optimized to perfection. Experts in the industry will be managing this for all of us.

The Total Recipe

Take one part paid advertising, add in social media participation & blogging, and then season heavily with SEO and Living In Florida be the authority about Florida and real estate in Florida. Traffic will flow to the site and that will transfer into more sales for you

Your Cost

We are starting at $750.00 per month. The billing cycle will be in advance ten days before the month starts and payment is by credit card. Our rates will increase as we increase traffic to the site. Remember more traffic means more sales for you. Our first traffic goal is 100,000 visitors a month.


There will be advertising space for you to sell ad space. Get your mortgage broker, title company & attorney to work with you. They can post articles here, they can have a page(s) if they want, or just have links back to their site. Sell smaller ads to contractors, or any business you want (other than anyone who competes with us). You could make money above and beyond what you pay us. In the future as our traffic grows Living in Florida will be adding advertising to all the pages in the site. When you see that you will know our traffic numbers are great.


Want to advertise with us on a county or state wide level. Email remarketing1@comcast.net or call 954-415-6326

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